Thanks to our fully flexible conferencing platform, we are able to provide a myriad of conferencing options tailored to suit your requirements.


  • Operator assisted dial out to all parties
  • Connecting the Judge
  • Continuous call monitoring
  • Operator on hand at all times just press *0
  • All telephone hearings recorded and recordings stored for 3 years
  • Transcript available upon submission of signed EX107 Form –
    available here
  • No cancellation fees


  • Scheduled dial in with moderator and participant passcodes available
  • Flexible dial in details with personal passcodes available 24x7x365 –
    click here for user guide
  • Amendments can be made at any time before and during the call
  • Operator assisted dial out to connect parties in preferred order
  • No cancellation fees


  • Recording services are optional and available free of charge (relevant box must be ticked in the booking form)
  • Transcription services available –
    click here for user guide
  • Choice of 3 turnaround times for transcription services
  • We have partnered with Apple Transcription who can also provide you with other professional transcription services such as PACE and ABE interviews – click here to find out more about AT Apple Transcription

Frequently asked questions

I am new to conferencing and I want to ensure that I get it right with my important clients. Can you help?2017-01-03T14:58:31+00:00

Let us know and we will help you all the way to get you started. We will allocate you an experienced personal conference operator who will be present for all your early conferences. They will contact you before your conference, and be a keypad control away keeping a watchful eye, or even running your conferences for you if you wish.

We want you to enjoy all the benefits that audio conferencing can bring, and by building your trust, we hope to be working with you for many years to come – we build our business by helping you to build yours.

What do I do if I lose my connection during a call?2017-01-26T12:07:22+00:00

If you are dialling in to our service, simply redial using the same number and passcode, and you’ll be placed back into the conference.

If an operator has called you, there are 3 ways in which we can get you reconnected quickly:-

  • Your operator will be automatically alerted to your disconnection and will dial out to you.
  • Your leader can ask your operator to reconnect you by dialling *0 on their telephone keypad.
  • You can ring 0203 005 8794 and ask to be reconnected.
How many participants can I have on my call?2017-01-26T12:08:55+00:00

Our conference platform will allow simultaneous access to hundreds of participants, however very large groups are difficult to manage because people tend to talk over each other.

The Kidatu Event conference product, for audiences of over 20, utilises the expertise of trained operators to make your event run smoothly.

Call us to discuss your needs – we can advise on how to get your message across to your participants, make your conference call go smoothly, and give your participants the right impression and a great experience.

How can I ensure that only the participants I have invited join my conference?2017-01-26T12:13:00+00:00

Here are some simple ways in which you can prevent unwanted intrusion into your conference:

  • Always keep your conference passcodes secure.
  • Change your passcodes regularly by phoning us for new numbers.
  • Only tell the times and dates of your conferences to those participants who you wish to attend.
  • You can lock your conference to prevent unwanted access.
  • Request a participant count (the number of parties on your conference) by asking the operator or using the control keys on your keypad.
  • Book an operator assisted call – Kidatu Callme. You supply the list of requested participants and they are called directly, with their identity being verified before they are placed into the conference.

Click here to book an operator-assisted conference call.

Can someone enter my conference without my knowledge?2017-01-26T12:14:11+00:00
  • As standard, a short tone announces the arrival of each participant into a conference. This can be changed to record the name of each of your participants as they arrive, this name recording can be played into your conference as participants arrive, or leave.
  • If you are concerned that there may be an uninvited party in your call, you can request that the operator makes a check of all the participants on your conference. Simply dial *0 on your keypad for assistance.
  • You can lock your conference to prevent anyone else joining, by contacting the operator, or simply pressing the appropriate keypad control. See the user guides for the correct keypad control, and if you have asked for custom bespoke keypad controls we can supply a list of your chosen control keys.
I am used to specific keypad controls with my current conference provider, can I use the same controls with Kidatu?2017-01-03T15:00:01+00:00

Yes. The Kidatu conferencing platform allows unlimited keypad control schemes, which means that we can customise the control pad to your specific requirements, user by user.

Can I brand my conferencing service?2017-01-03T15:00:08+00:00

Yes. All of our automated announcements can be custom recorded for your company using your own company name and details.

We can allocate specific dial-in numbers for your sole use, and we can develop contact directories of parties to dial out to.

Can I get a written copy of my conference?2017-01-26T16:13:51+00:00

Kidatu offers a transcription service, and we can supply you with a text copy of your conference in digital form or in hard copy.

Click here to read more about our transcription service.

I can hear background noise when I run a large conference. How can I reduce this?2017-01-03T15:00:25+00:00

All participants can help to reduce the background noise on a call by muting their own line when they are not speaking. This can be achieved by pressing the appropriate keypad control on your telephone.

The Host of a Kidatu conferencing call (except Kidatu Freedom) also has control over all the incoming lines, and can mute the entire conference except themselves. This allows the Host to speak to the entire conference without interruption, but also reduces the background noise.

Can I use your service if I am representing myself in a Telephone Hearing?2023-04-11T13:34:06+01:00

Yes. Kidatu is approved by His Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service to conduct Telephone Hearings. We accept bookings from people representing themselves as well as lawyers.

We charge a flat fee of £50 including vat to non-lawyer customers. This is paid in advance of the Hearing. Click here to make a booking.

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