Telephone Tips

To take part in a conference call you’ll need a telephone which is capable of making and/or receiving calls.

Here are some tips which may help:

  • If you intend to use a mobile phone, you’ll need good reception and minimal background noise.
  • A headset or earpiece can help with volume control, and also allows you to type or write, during the call.
  • Handsfree desk units vary in quality, some remove background noise, and compensate for low or high volume. Try not to rustle papers or make other noise near the handsfree phone, it will pick up the closest noise to it.
  • Your phone may have a ‘speaker’ button, check for quality when you join your call.
  • Be aware that some conference call account systems speak the PIN digits you have entered, other people may overhear your PIN, or your conversation.
  • Most telephones have a ‘mute’ button, make sure you know where it is before the call begins in case you’re interrupted.
  • Most telephones have a ‘redial’ button, this could be useful if you need to disconnect and redial quickly.
  • Whatever type of telephone you’re using, it can be useful to join the conference call early and check that the other participants can hear you clearly.
  • Some special or premium rate numbers may be barred on your office telephone system or mobile phone. If you’re unsure, try the number when you first receive it.
  • Expensive call charges can be associated with hotels phones, skyphones and other public telephones, think about having our operator call you instead.