Here’s how it works:

Conference call – in conjunction with our business partner, we deliver high quality, low cost transcription services.

  • It all starts with a conference call which must be recorded (there is no additional charge for recording your conference call)
  • A transcription can be requested either at the time of booking the conference call or later (so long as the call has been recorded)
  • You choose between 24 hour, 48 hour, 72 hour or a 5 day turnaround time
  • We make two recordings of your conference call
  • We upload the recording through secure portals to one of our partners
  • We download the typed transcript when ready
  • We quality check the transcript
  • And then we forward it to you by e-mail

Charges are based on the number of recorded minutes to be transcribed:

24 hour turnaround 48 hour turnaround 72 hour turnaround 5 day turnaround
£2.50 per audio minute £2.20 per audio minute £2.00 per audio minute £1.80 per audio minute

All prices are listed exclusive of VAT.

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